Who we are?

Locofast is a leading tech-enabled platform for textile procurement services in India. Connecting textile suppliers and vendors from all over the world through our platform, we aim to streamline the currently broken supply chain by solving all textile procurement problems.

Embedded in our values, we dedicate ourselves in building an ecosystem that enables our partners with operational excellence and unlimited growth opportunities.

We stand behind our unwavering commitment to provide our customers with consistent quality, best price and industry best turnaround time.
Our Mission
To build an ecosystem for textile manufacturers to conduct hassle-free business from anywhere across the world.
Our Vision
To reshape the textile industry by leveraging technology and enabling textile tech to our partners to scale their business globally.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Locofast is the leading B2B platform for the textile industry in India, that aims to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by integrating technology in their everyday business operations so that they are able to compete successfully in an increasingly tech-driven world.

Despite being the second largest industry in the country-valued at $103.4 billion, and contributing 5% to its totalGDP- the textile industry is plagued by many challenges that are indigenous to the Indian context. Textiles is an extremely low manufacturing efficiency industry which often results in lags in the supply chain that not only inflate procurement costs but also results in inconsistent deliveries. This primarily endangers SMEs.

As an online one-stop-shop, Locofast solves the dual challenges faced by SMEs. The first is the problem of achieving consistent orders, which it solves by maintaining a running stream of consistent orders that enterprise owners can choose as at their ease.

It also solves the other major problem that suppliers are faced with, which is getting a reasonable price for their products. By promising consistent order requests, the Locofast model allows them the flexibility to undertake orders that they believe are reasonably priced.

In acting as a catalyst between suppliers and manufacturers, Locofast's proprietary cloud technology ensures that every step of the procurement process is easily accessible, transparent, and affordable. Resultantly, Locofast has garnered a loyal customer base of over 700+ brands as well as an assortment of export houses, who have collectively procured over 50 million meters of textiles from over 500+ textile suppliers from all over the country.

Locofast is headquartered in New Delhi and has regional offices pan-India and internationally.
Our Values
We take pride in
When there's a choice between what's convenient and what's right, we always choose what's right.
Open disagreements
We practice open communication. We encourage you to share disagreements as it fosters trust and better relationships.
We listen, we understand, and we care. We have compassion for others, and it shows.
We believe in building trust through our responsible actions and honest relationships. We are bigger than our roles, and are not defined by our titles.
Underdog Mindset
We are young, dynamic and undeterred to take on companies much larger than ours.
We work at the speed of light. We are strategically patient, and tactically swift.



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